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Our mission is to make itinerant brewing in Finland as easy as possible. We want to offer an accessible and open way to make beer and at the same time free itinerant breweries from bureaucracy and the biggest start-up costs.
We believe that there is a large and constantly growing number of talented beer makers in Finland who are interested in the opportunity to make beer commercially with moderate start-up costs. We also offer expert help from recipe planning to sales, so the threshold for getting started is as low as possible.

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our activities.UNITED GYPSIES TEAM

Olavi Mensio

Olavi is one of the experts in brewing operations and product development. Olavi is both a chef, brewer and cider maker. His passion is to search for new flavors and create beers from them. Olavi is also the founder of Kallio Artisan Brewery.

Jukka Kortelainen

Jukka is responsible for the brewery's production. His passion is making beer and developing new recipes and flavor worlds.

Juhani Palttala

Juhani is an expert in brewing technology and an enthusiastic brewer of home beer, as well as the man behind the beers of the Kosoola brewery. In addition to the beer making process, Juhani has a good command of the tools needed with the brewery's facilities and equipment.

Roni Aaltonen

Roni is responsible for the brewing store and the brewery's logistics. He is a passionate beer enthusiast and the brewery's fastest forklift driver.

Ilkka Miettinen

Ilkka is the manager of the brewery; requests for quotations and general inquiries - contact Ilkka.


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