Pale Ale&IPA3 Dice / D10 East Coast IPA / 4,5% / 0,33l Tölkki


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The history of d10, or pentagonal trapezohedron, is occulted. First known patent for a ten-sided die as a gaming device was submitted to the United States Patent Office by Albert Friedenthal from Oakland on the 26th of October 1904.

Next it surfaced in the 1960’s amongst wargame players who used it to generate percentages. Then it was adopted by emerging role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Consequently it has become essential, and the only non-platonic, die in any gamer’s bag of dice.

So, it is only natural that d10 is also the first of our upcoming series of dice beers. As an East Coast IPA it is a delicious union of British malts and hops from all corners of the world.



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