Order and delivery terms

Read the order and delivery conditions in UG Brewery Oy's online store below.

1 General conditions

These terms and conditions include the conditions for ordering, delivery and cancellation of Products ordered through the unitedgypsies.fi online shopping service ("Service") of UG BREWERY Oy ("UG BREWERY"). In addition to these terms and conditions, the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act apply to the sale of products.

When ordering products from the Service, the Customer accepts the terms and undertakes to comply with these terms. In addition, the service contains notices and operating instructions detailing these conditions. UG BREWERY reserves the right to change the content of the Service and these terms and conditions. The customer accepts the changes when using the Service. The terms valid at any given time are on UG BREWERY's website.

2 Definitions

Consumer customer or Customer means a natural person using the Service who has reached the age of 18 and who orders Products for their private use.

A mild alcohol product means an alcohol product that contains a maximum of 22% ethyl alcohol by volume.

Product means all products sold by UG BREWERY.

3 Ordering and delivery of products

The customer can place an order for products in the Service either after registering as a Service user or without registering. The placed order binds the Customer after he has accepted the order and paid for it. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the information he provides to UG Brewery. UG Brewery is not responsible for damages or disturbances caused to the Customer or a third party by incorrect information provided by the Customer.

Customers ordering products must be of legal age. UG Brewery sells Mild alcohol products to people at least 18 years old.

UG Brewery has the right to cancel the order placed by the Customer if the Customer violates or circumvents the terms of the Service or acts against the law or good practice. UG Brewery reserves the right to refuse to sell or hand over Products to the Customer.

UG Brewery is not responsible for damages caused by disturbances, errors or delays that may occur in order processing or delivery, which are caused by reasons other than the Service. UG Brewery is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure or the unreasonable difficulty of operations due to a similar reason, such as, for example, a measure by an authority, war or its threat, rebellion or riot, UG BREWERY's independent interference in the flow of mail, automatic data processing, data transfer, other electronic communication or access to electricity , from an interruption caused by a fire or other accident, or from industrial action, such as a strike, lockout, boycott or embargo. Force majeure or other circumstances mentioned above entitles UG Brewery to suspend the delivery of orders until further notice.

The main features and price of each Product or service are indicated on the product page. The allergens contained in the product are indicated on the product label. Prices include VAT, unless otherwise stated. In the same context, the availability of the Product and any restrictions related to availability are also announced. If there are delivery difficulties regarding the ordered Product, UG Brewery will contact the Customer.

UG Brewery reserves the right to set restrictions or conditions related to the number of Products to be ordered. UG Brewery reserves the right to set a price ceiling for the Products, above which the Products cannot be ordered. The customer does not have the right to try to circumvent the price ceiling with several consecutive orders. If the Customer places several consecutive orders, all orders are taken into account in the calculation of whether the price ceiling is exceeded for that Customer.

The delivery costs of the product will be announced before purchase. The products included in the service are delivered only in Finland. If the delivery area is otherwise limited, the limitations will be announced in the Service. UG Brewery delivers the Products to the UG Brewery store agreed in advance with the Customer.

4 Payment methods

The customer pays for the ordered Products with the payment methods approved by UG Brewery. Payment methods are specified in more detail in the Service.

5 Picking up and handing over the products

The customer can pick up the Products from the agreed UG Brewery store. Products can only be handed over to Customers during the opening hours of UG Brewery stores.

The receiving person must fulfill these conditions and other conditions for handing over as required by law.

The ordered Products are handed over to the Customer provided that:

When handing over mild alcohol products, the person concerned has reached the age of 18.
the person concerned is not behaving in a disruptive manner and is not clearly intoxicated; or
there is no justified reason to assume the unauthorized handing over or transfer of alcoholic beverages. If alcoholic beverages are transported for a fee (e.g. transport companies or taxis), it is an illegal conveyance.
if the recipient is a person other than the subscriber, the order will only be handed over against an order confirmation.
The customer's identity is checked upon delivery and UG Brewery records the person's name to prevent and investigate abuses and problem situations, as well as to ensure data security.

The customer must pick up the ordered Products from the store within 10 days of the arrival notification. If the Consumer customer does not pick up the ordered Products within the above-mentioned times, UG Brewery can, if it wishes, consider the Consumer customer to have exercised his right of cancellation described in section 6 below, after which Alko will return the price paid for the products to the Consumer customer as described in section 6.

The staff of the UG Brewery store handing over the Products always has the decision-making power to hand over the Products.

6 Right of cancellation and return

The consumer customer has a 14-day right of cancellation according to the Consumer Protection Act. The consumer customer must notify UG Brewery of cancellation within 14 days of receiving the Product, and the Product must be returned without delay and no later than 14 days after making the cancellation notification. Cancellation instructions and an available cancellation form have been delivered with the order confirmation. Simply returning or not picking up the Product is not enough, the Consumer customer must also make a separate cancellation notification. If the Consumer customer does not have the opportunity to print the form, the form can be requested by contacting UG Brewey's customer service.

The consumer customer must also present an order confirmation/receipt for his purchase when returning. The consumer customer can return the Products by bringing them to the UG Brewery store. The consumer customer can also leave the returned Products to be transported by the post office. In this case, the products must be packed carefully so that they are not damaged or broken. The consumer customer is responsible for the costs of returning the Products, such as packaging and shipping costs.

The Consumer customer must keep the Product he receives essentially unchanged and undiminished, because otherwise the Consumer customer loses his right to return. The Product to be returned must be in salable condition and the original sales packaging must be neat and complete. An opened Product cannot be returned. The consumer customer must return the Products in their original sales packaging. The cardboard transport package can be opened.

The price of properly returned Products will be paid back to the Consumer no later than 14 days after the Consumer-customer has filed a cancellation notice and returned the Products to UG Brewery. If the Consumer customer returns only part of the order, the shipping costs will not be refunded. The money will be returned using the same payment method that the Consumer customer used when placing the order.

If the Consumer customer cancels the order for the Products by giving an express notice of cancellation or by not picking up the Products, UG Brewery has the right, at its discretion, to either release the Products in question for sale or, if necessary, destroy the Products.

7 Error messages and limitation of liability

UG Brewery is liable for errors in Products and delivery in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The consumer-customer must notify UG Brewery of the error within a reasonable time, so that UG Brewery has the opportunity to correct a possible error or compensate it otherwise. The customer must deliver the incorrect Product to the UG Brewery store. When reporting an error in the delivery, the Customer is obliged to present the order confirmation/receipt for the order he placed. UG Brewery will replace or otherwise refund the faulty Product.

Error reports must be made in writing. Only written error reports are processed. Error reports can be sent by e-mail to myynti@unitedgypsies.fi or by post to UG Brewery Oy, Hemmolankatu 26 b, 08150, Lohja.

Unless otherwise determined by the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, UG Brewery is not responsible for any indirect damage caused to the Consumer customer, and UG Brewery's liability for direct damage caused to the Consumer customer due to breach of contract is limited to an amount corresponding to the total price of the Products subject to sale.

8 Processing of personal data and cookies

Personal data provided by the customer electronically or otherwise is processed in accordance with the EU data protection regulation (EU 2016/679) and national legislation.
Personal information about the customer is collected and stored in the customer register maintained by UG Brewery. The use of personal data and cookies is described in the Privacy Statement, which can be viewed on the UG Brewery website.

9 Applicable law and dispute resolution

Finnish law applies to these order and delivery conditions, with the exception of its conflict of law provisions.

Disagreements arising from and related to these terms of order and delivery will primarily be resolved through negotiations between UG Brewery and the Customer. If the negotiation does not lead to an amicable outcome, the disagreement will be resolved in the general court of the jurisdiction of the Consumer customer's domicile. However, the consumer customer always has the right to refer disputes arising from these terms to the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi). If desired, the consumer-customer can also initiate a dispute resolution via the online dispute resolution forum (ODR) (http://ec.europa.eu/odr).

10 UG Brewery contact information

The address of UG Brewery's main office is:
UG Brewery Oy, Hemmolankatu 26 b, 08150

UG Brewery customer service contact information:
Email: myynti@unitedgypsies.fi

Phone number: 0505969024