Pale Ale&IPA3 Dice Brewing / Interesting Times Gang Pale Ale / 4.0% / 0.33l bottle


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Interesting Times Gang
Pale Ale 4 vol-%
According to a certain Scottish writer,
there is a utopian, post-scarcity society of
humanoid Aliens and advanced artificial
intelligences in our galaxy. Their culture

is built upon the idea of total self-
determination, but once in a while they

come across other Civilizations that do not
share their credo of Absolute freedom.
Managing these hostile contacts can
demand a moral flexibility that would be
abhorrent to the average citizen, so they
have certain special individuals to do it.
But even they may fail when things get
too weird Those situations demand the
Greatest minds, known only in Rumors
collectively as the Interesting Times Gang.

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